I am now an In-Network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.

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    My Mission

    As a counselor for over 20 years, I get how overwhelming life can be sometimes. You might be wondering, “How can I go forward? Who am I now?” It might be hard to imagine you’ll ever feel normal or happy again. You might wonder if it is even worth it. We’ll look at your history to make sense of what happened, and how you got through it. Looking at how you’ve changed, and what you want now can be confusing. Together we can sort it out. As a cancer survivor I offer insight into navigating significant life changes, and options for growth. Figuring out supports to lean on can help. These might include your spirituality, support groups, friends and family.

    You want to think straight again. To get back to normal, to be happy. It is my goal to help you to develop a deep trust in the process of life. My style of counseling is very intuitive & empowering. This means I let you lead. I want to help you explore reasons for why you act like you do, how it worked in your history, and options for change now.

    Clients who work with me appreciate my straightforward and down to earth approach. My office is in a small, quiet building in downtown Hillsdale. For those who woud prefer, online counseling is offered. I am trained in EMDR and other trauma modalities. Call or email me to get started.

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